Friday, May 19


1. I wear spectacles since I was 8 years old. I remember that my brother and I always wore my dad's specs bcs we kinda fancied the view when the floor suddenly became all hills and grooves. the next thing we knew, each of us had ours at the very young age. probably it's in the the gene (it runs in the whole family, except my eldest brother) or thanks to our curious young selves.

2. after 17 years 'experiencing' myopic eyes - that not a single day I could live without my corrective lens - I am now specs-free. I underwent my LASIK eyes surgery last March. as a birthday present, maybe.

3. I think my favorite color is blue.

4. the first novel I ever read was Thanks For The Memories by Cecelia Ahern. I was not much of a novel reader back then. not until I was a bored SPM leaver.

5. I did a part-time job as a promoter for a clothing company while waiting for my SPM results. a 9-5 job with oh-not-so-bad income.

6. Khalid, Naz, Dayang, Hamidun. I can't believe I still remember these names! they were always my good company and also the reason why I loved doing that part-time job. I wonder how they're doing.

7. I always hated home. but growing up studying in a boarding school and overseas, and realizing that my parents are getting older, home is the place I always long for.

8. I am not a sport person.

9. but I love long distance running, I guess so.

10. not that it is Islamic-ally acceptable but if I were to have a tattoo on my body, which obviously will stay forever on me, probably I will want it to be the deepest quote I could ever think of or maybe a short poem. welp idk. but for whatever it is, I just want it to be something meaningful, not just cool.

11. I love to sleep. like who doesn't, right? the longest, the better.

12. I think I'm the person who claims to be a coffee lover but the kind of coffee I ever tried is just basic... or instant. like... y'know... just basic.

13. I went to a boarding school. I still remember wearing a black round-neck shirt and my pants during the enrollment day. it's not allowed to wear a round-neck shirt though. so I wore my sweater during the whole orientation week... and a collared shirt from my roommate bcs I didn't freaking have collared shirts...

14. the most favorite part of my childhood would probably be having my young brother as my friend. we're only a year gap difference. but really I didn't have that much friends when I was a kid.

15. when I was 15, I kept a journal. it was the second that I had after the one that I kept when I was 12. oh boy, I really poured my heart out, wasn't I?

16. I made a birthday card from scratch for my crush when I was in standard six. and one day, I decided to confess to that person via writing, on a piece of love-shaped paper. probably one of the bad decisions I ever made, but I was glad I did it.

16.1. bad decision as in 'I was plainly got rejected'.

16.2. ...turned out, I got rejected because the person knew that someone had a crush on me. oh my god, kids. why are we so naive?

17. the first formal interview I had was when I was a kid. this one was for the sekolah berasrama penuh thing. I hated being abroad, so I flunked the interview. on purpose or not, I can't tell. bcs I was so sucks at that time. and the only question that I got was, "apa ko buat kalau ko tiba-tiba sesat?". clearly, I wasn't that ready to be parted from my parents.

18. the first movie that I watched in cinema was Heart, with my sister and female cousin. it's a 2006 Indonesian film. don't judge me, I'm such a sentimental and emotional bitch. its theme song was basically the theme song for me and my best friend, Datu. a thirteen-year-old friendship, growing and getting strong.

19. so random but just so you know, I never get an A in the regular English exams back in high school except for PMR & SPM. hah! highest I could get is a B+. I did work my ass out to perfect my English up until now and it's still sucks, as you can see. also that's why I chose an English novel in point #4.

20. my family will always have a cat as a pet. but there's one that we loved the most and we called it Tebe'. rest in peace, Tebe' (2010-2015).

21. whenever I am testing the pen's ink, I'll write the letter 'R'. I don't know why.

22. I was in all different classes when I was in high school. Mutiara, Delima, Berlian, Nilam, and then Zamrud. I planned mine just for the fifth one. also, a bad decision. I was that hardworking ass kiddo that was surrounded by naturally talented kids and geniuses. basically I literally died trying to keep up. if I were to go back to that time, I want meself to just calm my shit down. I got no one to prove wrong to. though I have that typical Asian parents, yet they still love me even if I failed, tremendously.

23. I used to have an abusive brother. I don't think I ever told this to anyone but only a few of my friends. this was when I was a kid, at a tender age where I couldn't protect myself. also this is one of the reasons for the point #7. now that I am this old enough, it's never a problem to me. soon I realized, I am the one who needs to protect my family. but that is not the case for now, 'cause that abusive brother then is an 'abused' brother now. past is past. in fact, he is now in need of us as a family, a system that can give the utmost support he could ever get. I still remember he said he  wanted to end his life because he couldn't stand it anymore, and it really breaks my heart -- to a million pieces. I love you, Abang.

24. can't believe that I actually finished with med school. I'm now officially a (unregistered) doctor. but for the time being, I'm hopeless and jobless.

25. I can curl my tongue.

26. and here is currently one of my favorites: