Monday, May 15

silence is.

silence is
not you losing a word,
rather it is an emotion.

silence is
having the solitude to be awakened by the sun rays
landing on your cheeks early in the morning
without an alarm clock.

silence is
listening to the swirling voice at the back of your head
about the things you shouldn't do, or should've done
basically, regretting things.

silence is
trying to collect and compose your self back to its old shape
after only god knows how many times you shattered
and it feels like destructing.

silence is
struggling to put out a wildfire with a handful of gasoline
because your heart is no longer a spongy muscle
that oozes harmony.

silence is
secretly hoping a storm of black clouds right above your head
so you can insert your body plug to the cloud socket
connecting all your emotions
so you can pour them out.