Saturday, March 5

think twice.

I cringe myself every time I heard "I wanna be a doctor because I wanna be rich!" like welcome to hell kid, welcome to hell. I might sound discouraging but first thing first, you should outline the basic & solid ideas of why you wanna be a doctor.

well first & foremost, you shouldve known that being a doctor doesn't actually make you rich. then a lot of people be like, "but you guys own much & even more than enough, amirite?" well duh, if you wanna be rich, then why burden yourself with GREAT responsibility? can you actually handle the shit? how much do you really care bout human beings rather than your own self? would you live this medical profession life to the fullest or merely halfheartedly? do you even know what does it take to be a doctor, to be a SAFE doctor? do you think you can handle the PRESSURE, STRESS? well think twice. thats the real Q you should ask.

do you really wanna be a doctor just because your parents forced you to? or maybe any of your relatives? friends? or because you don't have any other choice other than being a doctor? are you sure? do you wanna be a doctor because you got a lot of As during SPM? do you think you're super genius so you think that medicine is the right field for you? do you get a scholarship for medicine & that's why you're here? (lol the scholarship part. twas basically my point to get myself in medicine in the first place)

and after you're right in the medical field yourself, there'll be like a million other questions trying to surface & make you feel like shit. truth to be told, really.

it might sound so cliche but the phrase "I want to be a doctor to help people" is really a thing. I mean, if you just say it for the sake of your interview kelayakan masuk ke medical school & you don't really mean it, well then bullshit you. it doesn't sound so wrong for me anymore (I used to say, if you wanna help people, theres a lot of ways you can choose to help people other than being a doctor) because being a doctor is ONE of the ways to HELP PEOPLE. if you genuinely wanna help people, then HELP YOURSELF first. I don't think I wanna be treated with such a lousy person & pemalas doctor because I have a mindset that you'll later neglect me as your patient. if you can't even bother to get yourself well-equipped to be a doctor, how can you manage to help other people? and to be well-equipped, I'm sure enough you know what does it take. I've met a lot of people who say aku tiada masa mahu baca buku medik yang tebal-tebal & some don't even bother to go to classes to berguru dengan orang yang ahlinya. all these things you don't do them for nothing but you do them to SAVE PEOPLE'S LIVES. for god's sake! and also do bare in mind that failure is a common thing in medicine but it doesn't mean you're a bad doctor as long as you're learning from your mistakes! 

I'm speaking in general but I do think that a lot of people are still delusional with the idea of being a doctor. they think they carry the pride of their family but little did they know, they're actually carrying a lot of people's lives upon their shoulders.

it takes me ages to hit myself with the bitter truth about being a doctor. I'm still learning. I'm still trying to convince myself that I'm not in the wrong path though I still question myself "why I am here" every now & then. but I do know that there's a reason why I was chosen to be here (that I'm yet to discover) & there's NO USE to give up NOW if I don't even TRY.