Friday, October 21

life ticket.

so this is going to be a quick post. just now it has been announced that the housemanship post will be changed into "contract of service" (not contract FOR service). I'm not really sure of this but my big brother asked me to calm myself down. Haha. so I did. it's not going to be THAT bad, he said. surely you all will get posted as MO later on after finishing the HO ship. *crossed fingers*

also that, I did google (back then) other careers I can pursue just in case I don't want to be a clinician. provided that I have a legit registration as a "doctor". I don't know man. at some point during googling, I would think thing like "what  the heck mahn. medical school itself is so hard, what the hell am I thinking of quitting being a doctor? better I quit earlier before even started this shit" and something like that.

who says medical course is special? it's now underprivileged and underappreciated by many. maybe because a lot of ppl think that "graduate jadi doktor ni macam celah gigi ja" (dude, I don't even know what it means).

but the truth is, someone has been sacrificing the shit out of their lives just because they wanna save an innocent life. just one, oh, just one innocent life; and that is enough - probably the only thing they want

because nobody can buy a ticket to get one's soul back to his body, right?