Monday, September 29

to the non-existent.

we were just the lonely souls back then (but still I am). I can reassure you we're not that compatible to be intertwined just spontaneously without knowing how lonely we were at that time. as for the matter of fact, I tried to fit in, just like you. we hardly shared personal-life-stories as far as I could remember but I did share to you about this one thing that bothered me (up till today) the most, I wonder if you still remember that. I hope you forgot it already. I always say to myself that I have to move on or I'd moved on but it's funny 'cause as much as I tried, a complete detail of our memories gushing forth out of my subconscious mind as if it doesn't allow the memories to vanish rather to let them to replenish. it's damn hard for me, I wonder if you ever know this. I hate knowing it's hard for me to start anew 'cause every single time that I tried, the scent of the memories of you lingered like nobody's business. so what am I supposed to do? just sitting there doing nothing like you do? or at least there's a word coming out of your lips telling me that it's hard for you to move on too, that you're hurt too? I don't want to know that you've been thinking bout me (if only you've been thinking bout me). all that I want to know is what you've been feeling all this while, what is it about me.

I have a lot to say to you but this is it, the only way for us (read : me) to communicate to the non-existent.

ps- this is random. remember those days when we used to blog a looot like nobody's business? LOL. now, everyone's been busy with their lives so yeah. I hope everyone's doing just fine :)